Welcome to the course. "The Minister’s Personal Life," one of six courses in the Foundations: The Minister’s Development Program. The program provides accessible, practical and relevant training to pastors and ministry leaders serving the Church of God of Prophecy. It offers an opportunity to increase ministry effectiveness through theological instruction, leadership and ministry development, and personal spiritual formation.

The courses in the program relate to the various roles and responsibilities of a pastor or ministry leader. Within each course are seven related lessons that address the course theme. 

The course you have enrolled in is “The Minister's Personal Life.” This course addresses a variety of issues related to the minister's personal life including the minister's spiritual life, marriage and family, as well as specific guidance on developing habits that lead to a lifetime of growth and effectiveness.

It is our hope that you will be encouraged through participating in this course and that the course will better equip you to engage in spiritual transformation that leads to a life of integrity, right relations, and continued ministry impact.

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